This issue marks the launch of Field Educator‘s new podcast, Field Talks. Dr. Katharine Dill, field director at Marist College, will host the podcast and hold in-depth discussions with social work leaders, researchers, and practitioners, focusing on the most pressing issues in field education today. Field Talks will also feature interviews with field directors, field instructors, and social work students, discussing new and innovative approaches to effective field-based learning.

Listen to the inaugural episode of Field Talks here:

After over ten years as a solely print-based publication, we are newly energized about expanding our modes for mobilizing social work knowledge and for better connecting with our readers. We aim to have Field Talks provide an indispensable and easily accessed resource that will benefit all those interested in field education. In fact, Field Talks will be joining a growing collection of over 40 podcasts aimed specifically at professional social workers and social work students. Recent research on the impact of social work podcasts makes note of their potential to fundamentally change how practitioners access and utilize current research and policies to improve professional practice; specifically, because podcasts are usually free, easy to listen to, and in a more digestible format than academic journal articles, they have the capacity to facilitate the use and application of new findings and scholarship (Singer, 2019). We hope you’ll enjoy our first and future episodes of Field Talks. As always, we welcome your feedback and comments.

Singer, J. B. (2019). Podcasting as social scholarship: A tool to increase the public impact of scholarship and research. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 10(4), 571–590.