Episode 1: The Future of Field Education: An Exploration of Emerging Issues

Field Talks host, Dr. Katharine Dill of Marist College, interviews Suzanne Sankar, executive editor of Simmons University’s Field Educator, for the inaugural episode of Field Talks. Katharine and Suzanne discuss current issues in field education, as well as the central role of the Field Educator journal in promoting robust information exchange and engaged scholarship.

Listen to the episode here: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/i7l7DFeb8yb

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About the Podcast

Field Educator’s Field Talks podcast is created and produced by Simmons University School of Social Work and Marist College for the benefit and enrichment of the field education community, including field directors and instructors and social work faculty and students. Read Field Educator here: https://fieldeducator.simmons.edu/

Host: Katharine Dill, PhD, Marist College

Guest: Suzanne Sankar, MSW, Simmons University

Production Coordinator, Simmons University: Melissa Erlick

Production Coordinators, Marist College: Jaime Lynne Bishop and John Corry