Field Educator was created to promote communication and knowledge exchange among field educators in academia and in the practice community. It offers a variety of presentations of innovative field education practice and research, using an online format for maximum accessibility.

  • Field Scholar: Peer-reviewed articles on theory, practice, and research
  • Practice Digest: Brief reports on innovative models and best practices
  • Conversations: Interviews with social work field educators

Suzanne Sankar, MSW, Executive Editor

Amy Skeen, MSW, DSW, Editor-in-Chief

Eugenia Knight, MSW, Editorial Staff 

Melissa Erlick, BA, Production Editor

Michael Cicone, BA, Editorial Assistant

Jeannine Chester, MSW, Editorial Staff

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Consulting Editors

Monique Apple, DSW
Oglala Lakota College

Cali-Ryan Collin, PhD
Northeastern University

Katharine Dill, PhD
Marist College

Melinda Gushwa, PhD
Technological University of the Shannon

Rebekah Halmo, MSW
Simmons University

Dana Holcomb, DSW
Ferris State University

Lyneta Mathis, DSW
University of Louisville

Eileen McKee, MSW, MBA
University of Toronto

Marcy Mears, DSW
St. Catherine University

Gayla Rogers, PhD
University of Calgary

Christina Sellers, PhD
Simmons University

Lynda Sowbel, PhD
Hood College

Hope Straughan, PhD
Boston University

Samantha Sutorious, PhD
Huntington University

Carolyn Tollett, DSW
Eastern New Mexico University

Tiffany Welch, PhD
Mansfield University

Tanya Voss, MSW
The University of Texas at Austin