Episode 3: Service User Perspectives in Social Work Education

Field Talks host, Dr. Katharine Dill of Marist College, interviews Dr. Joe Duffy of Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Their conversation explores the client’s, or “service user’s,” role in social work education. When service users provide immediate feedback to students following an interview it can have a powerful impact on student learning. The podcast highlights how service user feedback promotes student resilience and learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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About the Podcast

Field Educator’s Field Talks podcast is created and produced by Simmons University School of Social Work and Marist College for the benefit and enrichment of the field education community, including field directors and instructors and social work faculty and students. Read Field Educator here: https://fieldeducator.simmons.edu/

Host: Katharine Dill, PhD, Marist College

Guest: Joe Duffy, PhD, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Production Coordinator, Simmons University: Melissa Erlick

Production Coordinators, Marist College: Jaime Lynne Bishop and John Corry