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Building Confidence in Social Work Interns Through an Evidence-Based Practice Seminar During Field Education

Published April 2015

by Peter Ducharme, MSW
Children's Hospital Boston

Ashley Rober, BS
Children's Hospital Boston

Elizabeth Wharff, PhD
Children's Hospital Boston

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Abstract: This paper seeks to evaluate the effects of an evidence-based practice (EBP) seminar for MSW interns in building confidence in their application of clinical skills. Interns participated in an EBP seminar during their field placements and completed a therapeutic skills self-assessment form pre-post seminar, and a post-seminar impressions survey upon completion. Results indicate that following the seminar interns felt more confident in their ability to evaluate research supporting specific treatments and in using specific therapeutic techniques. Providing MSW interns with an EBP seminar during field placement is a feasible and effective way for interns to build self-confidence and learn practice-based therapeutic techniques.
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