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MSW Student Perception of Evaluation Research as a Capstone Project: A Pilot Study

Published October 2014

by Marcie Fisher-Borne, PhD
North Carolina State University

Jodi K. Hall, PhD
North Carolina State University

Willa Casstevens, PhD
North Carolina State University
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Abstract: This article presents initial results of an Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved case study exploring ways students may benefit from completing a capstone project within field practicum and research course sequences. The capstone project consists of an evaluation research project developed and completed during the final two semesters of a student’s MSW program. To assess perceived benefits, the authors surveyed graduating students (N = 59) at the end of their year-long project (n = 39 respondents; response rate 66%). In addition, qualitative data was obtained from written self-assessment exercises (n = 14). Lessons learned can contribute to improving pedagogy and enriching students’ field experiences.
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