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Introducing FIELD: Field Instructors Extending EBP Learning in Dyads

Published October 2014

by Julie Tennille, PhD
West Chester University

Phyllis Solomon, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Joretha Bourjolly, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Andrea Doyle, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
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Abstract: Field Instructors Extending EBP Learning in Dyads (FIELD) has been crafted in consideration of the social work profession’s need for innovative and collaborative models with field education that further evidence-based practice (EBP) implementation efforts. FIELD is driven by the continuing education interests of field instructors and the availability of local expertise, and it embraces the complementary strengths of students and field instructors. Herein, we provide the background for the development of such a curricula model and delineate model components. FIELD may offer a viable curricula option for synchronizing academic and field efforts toward sustainable social work workforce improvements.
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